Emerald Lawn Health And Irrigation

Pretty-GardenA good looking Lawn, free from weeds and moss is a pleasure in itself and enhances the whole Garden.

Emerald Lawn Health provides a Lawn Treatment Service that aims to achieve this by visiting the lawn 3-5 times per year and applying such treatments as are appropriate for the season and the weather.

This method of regular visits keeps on top of any problems, and makes the operation cost effective. Generally speaking, it would cost more to treat the Lawn yourself than employ Emerald Lawns to do it for you, so if you would like a better Lawn, contact me for a free assesment.


Emerald Lawn Health is owner operated by myself – Tony Jones. I have a background in Agriculture and have operated Emerald Lawns since 1991. Initially concentrating on Lawn Treatments, in 1996 a customer asked if his Lawn could have a watering system installed and this led to the development of the Irrigation side of the business.

Emerald Lawns now has a wide customer base, with Lawn treatment customers mostly within a radius of 30 miles from my base in Spalding, Lincolnshire. This covers Peterborough, Whittlesey, Wansford, Stamford, Boston , Holbeach, as well as all the Villages in the area. Irrigation systems have been installed over greater distances, including one in London , several along the North Norfolk Coast (such as Hunstanton) as well as locally.