Lawn Treatments

EGreen Grassmerald Lawns has considerable experience of a wide range of Lawn problems. I have dealt with nearly all of the problems likely to be encountered – from Lawns that flood and need draining, to straight forward weed control. I am fully qualified to apply the pesticides and weed killers used, and my years of experience in doing so means that the operations are very safe and will not damage the rest of the Garden.

Routine Care of the Lawn

Almost all Lawns have the same basic requirements. They all need to be kept weed and moss free, and to have sufficient fertilisers and other feeds to ensure that the grass is healthy. The programme of treatments listed below is how this can be achieved and forms the basis of the Lawn Care program.

1. Early Spring

It may be necessary to apply a moss killer at this time, but normally the Lawns would be given a base fertiliser treatment , trace elements as needed, and the first weed control spray .

2. Early Summer

A high nitrogen feed is given in a slow release form that will not cause a sudden flush of growth. At this stage the more difficult weeds will be showing and can be given an appropriate spray. More trace elements may be given, especially in a dry year.

3.Late Summer.

The content of this treatment very much depends on the weather pattern for the year. For example in 2010 it was a dry year, and the Lawns needed a boost from more fertiliser. In 2012 however things were very different and Moss was prevalent by September . It’s the last chance to mop up any remaining or freshly germinated weeds, and this stops them growing on over the winter to become both large and tough to kill in the Spring.

4. Winter Treatment.

While this is concentrated on moss killing, I also apply a special winter feed that helps keep the grass as healthy as possible in the cold, low light conditions it will have to survive in.

Advanced Lawn Care

Given the above course of treatments, most Lawns show dramatic improvement. There are some measures that can be taken to further this or to correct underlying issues that are holding the Lawn back. These are the physical operations of Scarifying and Spiking the Lawns.

Scarifying is the process of running a machine over the turf that has rapidly revolving vertical blades. This has the effect of cutting out the underling build up of dead grass and moss which is collected up and disposed of. Without all of the debris clogging up the base of the sward the grass is free to produce far more sideshoots and grow in a much better manner. Left undone the debris builds up into a layer of thatch that can severely restrict grass growth by limiting the soils absorption of water, nutrients and air.

Spiking the Lawn is beneficial as it breaks through surface compaction to allow better drainage and movement of air through the soil. In some cases this is best done with hollow tines on the spiker which actually remove a plug of soil and thatch.

Special Treatments: Pests and Diseases

Lawns can sometimes suffer from attacks by certain insects like Leatherjackets. These cause damage by eating the roots of the grass. I can diagnose this and advise on suitable treatment.

Grass, like all plants, has a range of diseases that can afflict it to varying degrees. The aim is to keep the grass as healthy as possible as it is then less likely to be troubled. However certain weather conditions are very likely to cause an outbreak of one disease or another . Again, I will advise on treatment.


Occasionally a Lawn will have been so neglected in the past that fairly drastic action is needed. This will probably involve a very severe scarifying, overseeding and possibly a surface dressing of a sand /soil mix. It is however very rare that commencing a normal series of treatments is not enough to produce a marked improvement in a Lawn.

Note – Pets

All of the products used are safe for your pets once they have dried on the leaf and I can give further advice if unusual or grazing pets are kept .

If you would like to get in touch with me for a free consultation, my contact numbers are given on this site. I look forward to hearing from you.